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Illustration 9: Toll Global Logistics Wins 2011 “Supply Chain Innovation Award”

To sum up, Toll Global Logistics has many advantages as follows :

  • Vast experience in Consumer, Healthcare, Industrial and automotive fields
  • Years of operation experience in China to serve multi-national companies

  • Incorporated in 1995, with over 17 years of operation experiences, we understand multinational companies and their clients’ requirements. We are also familiar with their sales models and strategy, and the logistics requirements to serve their needs.

  • Uniformed Service Quality and Continuous Improvements

  • Toll Global Logistics ensures that all customers’ needs are conveyed clearly, smoothly and quickly. Customers’ requirement and market change are always on the top of our priority list as we strive to adapt to these factors to provide best-of-class services.

  • Excellent Team Culture

  • As a joint-venture, Toll Global Logistics mix not only multinational company, but the local company’s culture. Localization train many logistics experts for Toll Global Logistics and can cooperate with our customers closely.

  • Extensive logistics network

  • With 26 RDC/DCs, 2100 logistics experts and employees, 1685 cities coverage, Toll Global Logistics can satisfy customers’ requirement and future development.

  • Strong Support from Parent Companies, including of capital injection, experienced knowledge and concept sharing, advanced technology support, etc.
  • Advanced Logistics Management System with strong EDI Capabilities

  • With an integrated IT system including of WMS, OMS, TMS & EDI interface with customer’s system, Toll Global Logistics has realized EDI handling of nearly 90% of all orders, real-time data visible via internet.

  • Value-added services – Promotional Packaging, Repackaging

  • In order to support our customers growing logistics requirements, we have also developed professional experience in value-added services for our customers such as promotional packaging and repackaging service.

  • Customized total logistics solution based on customer’s requirements

  • With our extensive distribution network in China, good track record of serving multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies, and proven experiences in the local environment and industries, we are confident of taking up the challenge to be the supply chain specialist for your company.