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 Job Name:Supply chain management solutions and offer

Job responsibilities:

1、Contact with customers and sales group,Customer master of the supply chain requirements;Provide the satisfaction for the customer the sup
2、Use the right software tools to develop,Modeling,Evaluation and selection of the best solution
3、Participate in client presentations,Especially the case with technology needs
4、Costing and pricing


1、The logistics industry for more than one year related work experience
2、Strong analytical, design capability
3、Good communication skills, communication skills
4、Skilled use of office software
5、Good English skills

Place of work:Shanghai Baoshan

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 Job Name:Senior Software Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1、Be responsible for Infor WMS Warehouse management system maintenance, technical support, secondary development
2、According to company business needs to develop new modules or management system
3、Responsible for the Crystal Reports (Crystal) development, maintenance
4、Other systems to help companies( EDI , OMS, TMS, BMS ) Maintain

1、Tertiary and higher education, computer-related
2、There are more than 3 years experience in software development
3、Familiar withC#, Oracle / SQL Server
4、Familiar with Crystal Reports(Crystal Report)
5、Good planning, communication, coordination
6、Large third-party logistics company's IT department or development experience is preferred over the logistics information system

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 Job Name:Business Development Manager

Job responsibilities:
1、Actively develop new business
Confirm the customer's supply chain program requirements and program groups together to provide customers with advice and quotations
Terms of the contract with the customer to negotiate for
Contract drafting and modifying
2、To maintain good customer relations and expand new business to existing customers
3、And operation and other related departments work closely to ensure the smooth development of customer demand

1、Bachelor degree or above proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability
2、More than five years business development experience in the logistics industry
3、Skilled computer operation
4、Good communication skills、Stress resistance

Place of work:Luogang District, Guangzhou City

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 Job Name:Financial Cashier

Job responsibilities:
1、Responsible for audit and delivery of all documents, original documents and invoices for reimbursement to ensure the accuracy and authenticity, and ensure the smooth implementation of the financial reimbursement system
2、Responsible for audit and delivery of all documents, original documents and invoices for reimbursement to ensure the accuracy and authenticity, and ensure the smooth implementation of the financial reimbursement system...
3、Chief Financial Officer to help complete account of other work

College education, one year work experience with the cashier, the accounting job card
English proficiency
Place of work:Baoshan District, Shanghai

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 Job Name:Security Officer

1、Responsible for the development of East China's annual work plan for occupational safety and health,And promote the implementation of
2、East China region involving the safe operation of emergency and outstanding issues,Responsible for developing solutions,And supervise the implementation of
3、Group work plan in accordance with EHS,Participate in regular safety audits of the branch and Training
4、EHS group on behalf of the Shanghai branch of the storekeeper, loaders, packers, self-truck driver safety training for company-wide
5、Weekly operation of the Shanghai branch of the three points a spot check,And urge the responsible departments for rectification of the problems
6、Participate in the Shanghai branch of the regular monthly security,And speak on the issue
7、Shanghai Branch to do self-help security management team
8、East region experienced an emergency in the emergency response,Involved in the investigation, analysis, and correct disposal of dangerous eastern region, loss of public events and major property damage accident
9、East region is responsible for the disposal and from government departments, customers, contractors, warehouse owners and other stakeholders with the requirements of safety advice
10、To complete other related work assigned by superiors

1、Safety engineering and related professional,Bachelor's degree
2、Shanghai has a safety management cadres documents,Registered safety engineer will give priority to
3、In the field of occupational safety and health management,With 3 years of work experience
4、Familiar with the Shanghai Municipal State occupational safety and health, transportation laws and regulations, there is a certain understanding of OHSAS18001
5、Able to skillfully operate Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and can read and write in English
6、Have a relatively good expression, organization, communication and coordination, can work independently
7、Active, serious and responsible

Place of work:Beijing Daxing

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